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                • OEM/ODM SERVICE

                  Optical Fiber Cable

                  Hangzhou Jinlong Optical Cable Co., LTD

                • Optical Fiber Cable

                  Today's quality is tomorrow's Market.

                • FAQ

                  We let the results speak for themselves.

                  Where is your factory ? 

                  Our factory is located in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China.

                  How long has your company been doing this?

                  More than 20 years.We are not only produce fiber optical cable but also produce optical fiber and related tools .

                  Can provide free sample to us?

                  Yes,sample cable below 20 m can be provided by free ,but you need pay the freight fee.

                  Can you produce cable as our requirements?

                  Of course .We can supply different types of products according to your requirements with reasonable prices.