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                • About Us

                  Hangzhou linan jinlong cable factory is located in a beautiful western suburb of Hangzhou Linan city, in the middle west of Zhejiang Gold travel geographical location and convenient transportation.

                  Linan is a city famous for its beautiful scenery and is located in Yangtze river delta, in the west of Hangzhou city.

                  Founded in September 1994, ourcompany is a comprehensive and faithful demonstration enterprise, engaged in the TV cable and communication optical cable manufacture and supporting the selding of the construction.

                  Our company is awatded as the one of the enterprises with the rapidest growth, as well as the AAA level credit enterprise by financial institutions.

                  Our company, armed with advanced production and testing equipments, and the state council allowance optical communication experts as the chief engineers, has the ability to gain an output of 3, 000, 000 km cores-length cable every year, and the unitary property and index are in line with or beyond industrial and international strandard. The most products have passed ISO9001international quality system authentication, and won the SARFt certificate. Our company has a long-term OEM cooperation not only with groups who manufacture for China mobile , "China unicom", "China telecom" ---three big operators of fiber optic cable, but also with some foreign well-known enterprise cooperation. Ourfiber optic cable have been exported to many overseas countries, and enjoys pleasant reputation and recognition among our cooperation partners.

                  Our company will actively join in Chinese and foreign cooperation with excellent enterprie credit, strong research strength, perfect management system, the mature marketing channel and good service system in the future, to make contributions to Chinese communication development and national economy progress.

                  Our company is a professional manufacturer of optical fiber cables. We use advance manufacturing techniques and advanced inspecting equipment to guarantee high quality. We produce indoor and outdoor, single mode and multi mode optical fiber cables, according to customers requirements with reasonable prices, we can supply diffenrent types. "todays quality is tomorrows market" is our business philosophy.

                  Our company has attained ISO9001 quality management system certification. We also have obtained the network access license for telecommunications equipment from Chinas state administration of radio film and television (sarft).

                  Please feel free to contact us for further information.

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